Seraphim Blueprint

What is Seraphim Blueprint?

A series of energetic initiations that are received into the body, then

they either work in the background to heal you, or are actively

invoked through our intention to switch them on. The energies are

given to individuals in simple, relaxed, day-long workshops and

are extremely easy to use. They form a sequence, organized into

six levels, that build upon each other to expand and develop our

bodies and our consciousness as we progress through the system.

How will I feel the Seraphim Blueprint Initiations?


The feeling and sensing of energetic initiations is a truly individual

process and each person is different. Not everyone can

immediately feel the Seraphim Blueprint energy initiations,

although the sensitivity to them can grow with time and regular

use. It is not essential to feel or notice the energies in your body for

them to be working on your behalf. The Seraphim Blueprint

teachers will guide you through the use of the energetic initiations

so that you are confident of their action on your behalf even if you

do not sense a lot of energy.

How Is This System Different From Reiki?

The first level of the system, Seraphim Healing, contains

initiations that enable us to give several healing frequencies either

to self, or others via hands-on-healing, either with direct contact, or

at a distance. This is where the similarity to Reiki ends. The

Seraphim Blueprint energies are switched on through your

intention, and consist of more than one very powerful healing

frequency, and can be taught in a simple, enjoyable, economically

priced, one-day workshop. In addition, the Seraphim Blueprint

healing energies do not require the use of symbols to activate, or

enhance their activity. Also, encompassed in the six levels of the

Blueprint are many more energetic initiations that go beyond

healing. They are a thorough, comprehensive collection of

frequencies designed to assist us in the expansion of our

consciousness, the enhancement of our manifestation ability, and

the stabilization and repair of our energetic fields. All of the

Blueprint is directing us on our journey to the oneness with Source.

Is There Some Special Reason Why the Seraph Wants to Bring These Energies Out Now?

The Seraph has indicated that the use of these energies is important

at this time to aid in the energetic upgrade of the earth’s vibration,

including the consciousness of her human inhabitants. We are in a

process of significant change on a conscious and energetic level,

and the more people receiving these Seraphim Blueprint energies,

the more we are assisting in this positive transformation.

How Will the Seraphim Blueprint Personally Benefit Me?

The Seraphim Blueprint initiations are designed to build on each

other, in an evolutionary sequence, beginning with fundamental

physical and emotional healing. Even just completing the first level

of the system, called Seraphim Healing, the benefits to you and

your family will be immense in terms of healing ailments, and

allowing for emotional flow, releasing stress and trapped energy in

your body. The upper levels of the Blueprint will begin to expand

the consciousness of your reality, working in the background to

slowly alter and shift your awareness to encompass more and more

truth at ever increasing levels. Initially this change will be largely

at the level of your perception, but many have reported that they

have more energy, are more clear in their thinking and more

connected to themselves after receiving the energies.

Do you have to have done any previous healing courses to do the

Seraphim Blueprint?

No. Not at all.

The Seraphim Blueprint Levels

Level I

Seraphim Healing

This level heals us physically and emotionally, laying the foundation for spiritual growth. The first two powers are for healing one-self and others. Being initiated into these energies allows for a sense of greater internal union and a stronger immune system.

Level II

Seraphim Sacred Geometry

This level is about breaking down karmic boundaries that limit our accomplishments in this lifetime. The key energies enhance rapid evolution. One is the supreme organizing power of the universe, and the other is the power to progressively remove karmic limitations.

Level III

Seraphim Manifestation

This helps us to more quickly achieve our personal desires as well as cosmic purpose. Receiving fulfilment on a personal level allows us to aspire to higher goals. The two key powers promote intent, willpower and wish fulfilment.

Level IV

Seraphim Cosmic Splendour

This level helps us to adjust to the real cosmic forces that our bodies experience as our planet hurls through space at thousands of miles per second. This level maximizes the use of the physical vehicle to the expanding universe. Our individual bodies are holographic pieces of the entire universe. One energy repairs the damaged parts in our holographic etheric bodies, and the other helps us to adjust to an expanding universe.

Level V

Seraphim Planetary Healing

This level gives us tools to communicate with non-physical beings who can partner with us to help this planet in its many transitions. This energy brings humanity into balance with the natural order. Specific initiations include harmonizing with elementals and vibratory beings.

Level VI

Seraphim Grace and Union

Once we have cleared out the heavier dross that we have accumulated over lifetimes, we begin to feel a real need to absorb beauty in our environment, and feel closer to Source. The energies in this workshop facilitate that proces

Mother Divine Protection Protocol


Ruth has provided this Protocol for Protection to some teachers of the Seraphim Blueprint for the purpose of sharing it with students at no cost. The Seraph has approved this. 


Plan for a one hour tele-call.

This Free Event is offered once or twice a year.  Contact me with your interest, and I will let you you the date, time and call in information. 



This Teleclass will take 1 hour.  I will stay on the line for questions for as long as needed.  

Plan for an hour and a half so that you can do the protocol as soon as we finish the call.

Please be on time for the call as a courtesy to others, I should not start over for those that are late.  If you miss the explanation, you will have difficulty understanding the protocol.


Only those who have taken at least Level I SB may participate in the call to receive this protocol.

If you have already received this protocol, you do not need to repeat, there are no changes.


I will explain the protocol.

You will take notes.

We will discuss questions and answers.

We will hang up the phone and you will privately do the protocol in the privacy of your own space.  You will do this within 24 hrs of receiving the instructions.

You will need paper and pen to take notes. 

This protocol will not be available in print.  It is disseminated verbally, so you will want to take notes.

I expect that we can complete the explanation in 1 hour and then you can take the next half hour to do the protocol on your own in private.  If we have many questions, the call could take more than an hour. 



Dial into the conferencing service

Enter your conference code

Contact me at to receive the call in phone number.

Within 24 hours of receiving this protocol, you will need to do the technique on your own in a private space. 


We have not had much discussion on protection or the need for protection. After doing this protocol you will permanently install a protection bubble around yourself from Divine Mother. 



Please send me a quick email if you plan to participate.